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Delux-Leds Retrofits Are Your Best Option

Warehouse High Bay LED Retrofits - Delux-Leds

Save Energy, Time & Money!

Why buy complete LED light fixtures when with Delux-Leds Retrofit Kits you can easily and less expensively upgrade your existing High Intensity Discharge (HID) fixtures with LEDs?

New lighting fixtures often require changes to existing poles or mounting arms, architectural approval, and even permits. A Delux-Leds Retrofit solution is relatively easy and can usually be accomplished within 15 to 30 minutes.

A Delux-Leds Retrofit solution will allow you to quickly and easily achieve all the benefits of LED lighting at lower upfront project cost and significantly lower lifetime cost than complete replacement of lighting fixtures.

Parking LED Lighting Retrofits - Delux-Leds

A Marathon of Savings & Lower Environmental Impact

There are millions of street lights, parking lights, warehouse high bays, canopies, flood lights, wall packs and other lights that are suitable for retrofit upgrade to LED. Imagine the
disposal costs and the impact to the environment of disposing of these perfectly functional fixtures. Reusing your existing infrastructure makes so much more sense than replacement!

In addition to the lower upfront costs, a marathon of savings will be delivered throughout the long life of the products through reduced energy costs (up to 70% less energy than traditional lighting) and lower maintenance costs! A
Delux-LEDS retrofit will save you money:
A quick pay-back followed by a marathon of savings!

LED Street Lighting Roadways LED Retrofit Kits - Delux-Leds

Suits 95% of Fixtures

If your fixtures are in good shape, you should consider using a retrofit. It will save you money!
Delux-LEDS retrofit kits are suitable for upgrading up to 95% of existing fixture types: Street Lights, High Bays, Parking Lot Lights, Wall Packs, Flood Lights, Canopies, and many more.

Fixture-Types-Suitable-for LED Retrofit Kits - Delux-Leds

Retrofit KitWarranty

5 / 10 YEARS

10 Year ( 50,000 Hours ) LED Warranty
5 Year ( 25,000 Hours ) Driver Warranty

The Delux-Leds Difference:

Superb Quality, Long Life, Low Maintenance & Better Lighting!

Delux-LEDS’ retrofit modules are built to last. Engineered for superior heat dissipation and using only the best materials and proven industry-leading reliable components (Cree & Nichia LED chips, Mean Well drivers, Sunon fans) we achieve long life with low maintenance.

In addition to the superb quality we offer a range of optics for both street lighting and general lighting to achieve optimum light distribution and precise optical control.

We are so confident in the reliability of our products that all our retrofit kits come with an industry-leading 5 /10 year Warranty!

Urban Landscape LED Lighting Retrofits - Delux-Leds
Commercial Industrial LED Retrofit Kits - Delux-Leds
Delux-Leds – All this and Better Lighting!