LED Retrofit FAQ

Delux-Leds – Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why Use Delux-Leds ?

  • Superb Quality at Low Cost
  • Beautiful, Elegant Designs
  • Superior Technology
  • Long Life, Low Maintenance, Reliability
  • Engineered to Last
  • Superior Heat Dissipation
  • Reliability – On Time, Every Time, Quality Guaranteed
  • Professional support
  • Australian Owned
  • We offer both Retrofit Solution OR Complete New Fixtures –
    whichever suits you best!

Q. Why Retrofit?

  • Save Energy!
  • Save Money!
  • Save Time!
  • 5 / 10 Year Retrofit Kit Warranty
  • Maintain Architectural Aesthetics!
  • Re-use good fixtures!
  • Re-use Existing Poles and Mounting Arms!
  • Reduce Landfill and Disposal Costs!
  • Lower Installation Costs.
  • Simple Elegant Solution – for 95%+ Existing Fixtures
  • Over / Under Voltage Protection
  • Over Temperature Protection
  • Solid State LED Lighting Typically Excels in Hostile Environments
    where traditional HID lighting struggles.

Q. Can you retrofit all HID fixtures ?


Not all, but most. Up to 95%! Your current fixtures should be in good shape and there has to be enough room in the fixture to install our LED Heads and drivers. We can retrofit :-

  • High Bays
  • Low Bays
  • Street Lights
  • Parking Lot Lights
  • Canopy Lights
  • Flood Lights
  • Wall Packs
  • Post-Top Lights
  • Shoe Box Lights
  • And many more!

Fixture-Types-Suitable-for LED Retrofit Kits - Delux-Leds

Q. How big are the retrofit heads ?


The 35, 45 and 65W retrofit heads are round and only about 120mm diameter. The 75W, 105W and 120W retrofit heads are about 172mm long, 124mm wide and about 50-75mm deep. The 150W and 200W heads are about 264mm long, 121mm wide and about 50-75mm deep. The 400W heads are about 320mm long, 238mm wide and about 76-125mm deep.

Q. What can each head replace in terms of existing HID lights ?


Refer to the conversion chart :-

HID to LED Retrofit Kit Conversions

Existing HID Light DELUX-LEDS Retrofit Kit Solution
100W Replace with 35W LED Retrofit Kit
125-150W Replace with 45W LED Retrofit Kit.
175W Replace with 65W LED Retrofit Kit.
250W Replace with 75W LED Retrofit Kit.
350W Replace with 105W LED Retrofit Kit.
400W Replace with 120W LED Retrofit Kit.
450W Replace with 150W LED Retrofit Kit
600W Replace with 200W LED Retrofit Kit
1000W Replace with 400W LED Retrofit Kit
Other Replace with Multiple Heads – eg 2000W Existing fixture
can be replaced with two 400W retrofit heads mounted on
a common mounting plate.

Q. What is included in a HID to LED retrofit ?


Our Delux-Leds Retrofit kits contain a LED Head, a driver, and an optional Y-bracket mounting adaptor with an E26 or E39 socket. Installing the retrofit kit requires a licensed electrician and is typically no more difficult than a bulb and ballast replacement.

Q. Will the light colour change if I retrofit and will I need more light
output than I currently get ?


The colour rendering index (CRI) of most existing HID bulbs is very low. A higher CRI from our LED lighting will look brighter even without adding more LED power! A higher CRI will also mean that colours appear more natural! Many HID bulbs also age quickly – so their average light output is actually lower than the initial level for the rated power.
Additionally for streetlights and other lighting higher than 10 metres we can include lenses for precise optical control and light distribution.

Q. What is the procedure for retrofitting ?


The procedure is simple and should be done by a Qualified Electrical Contractor :-

  • Turn off and isolate all power to the fixture.
  • Remove the existing ballast and bulb.
  • Remove the existing reflector. It is not needed as LED lighting is directional,and may impede heat dissipation.
  • Install the LED driver where the old ballast was.
  • Screw in the LED Retrofit Kit into the existing socket. We provide both E26 and E39 sockets.
  • Wire the driver to the LED Head. The socket is only used to hold the retrofit kit. It remains un-powered.
  • Close the fixture.

Q. What if I don’t want to retrofit and want new fixtures ?


No problem – Delux-Leds offers both solutions! We have a full line of new fixtures. So we can retrofit your existing fixture or supply new LED Lights.

Q. Why would I retrofit versus buy a new fixture ?


Typically a retrofit is cheaper than a new fixture, but the labor involved may be higher depending on the fixture but this is offset by reduced disposal costs (less landfill!). There are times where the specific fixtures just need to be used in their existing setting (eg to maintain architectural aesthetics or to avoid costly pole replacement and associated wind loading recalculations). There are other times when the client wants to replace their old fixtures. There is no right or wrong answer – it depends on the specific application and the client. If you like your fixtures and are tired of hearing that you have to replace them to move over to LED, let us show you that is not your only option. Learn more… Why retrofit?

Q. Is there a maximum number of heads we could use in a retrofit ?


No. The size of the fixture is the physical limitation. We have to keep the LED Heads cool, so as long as your fixture is able to support a LED Head, and there is physical room to install everything, it can be retrofitted.

Q. How long do your retrofit LED Heads last ?


They are rated for 70,000 hours of use, in normal operating conditions.

Q. What voltages can your LED Heads run under ?


We offer 2 power supplies. One for 100-277V and one for 347-480V. There is a slight up-charge for the 347-480V drivers. We can also supply step down transformers to convert higher voltage down to 277V.

Q. Do the Retrofit Kits have a warranty ?


Our warranty for retrofit kits 10 years for the LED and 5 years for the other components (driver etc). Please refer to our retrofit warranty page for more details.

Q. What is the warranty on your other LED products (non retrofit – new fixtures)?


Our standard warranty for LED Lighting is 3 years. Please refer to our terms and conditions page for full details.

Q. Do you offer large quantity discounts ?


Yes. Talk to us about your needs and give us the opportunity to quote you on both LED Retrofit options as well as new LED fixtures. Distributors, resellers and electrical contractors enquire now about becoming an authorised distributor and gain access to our wholesale pricing.

Q. Do you sell to the general public ?


We do not sell to the general public – our clients are companies, commercial, industrial and government entities including installation contractors, distributors and other resellers.

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