DL-F-SFL | LED Sports Lighting | Delux-Leds | Outdoor LED Lighting DL-F-SFL | LED Sports Lighting | Delux-Leds | Outdoor LED Lighting

LED Sports Lighting
Sport Facilities Lighting

DL-F-SFL | Sports LED Lighting | Delux-Leds | Outdoor LED Lighting



DL-F-SFL | Sports LED Lighting | Delux-Leds | Outdoor LED Lighting
DL-F-SFL | Sports LED Lighting | Delux-Leds | Outdoor LED Lighting


Delux-Leds understands the importance of achieving the correct lighting specification for both outdoor and indoor sporting facilities and we can provide a variety of solutions for challenges such as Illumination (Lux) Levels, Uniformity, Glare Minimization, Light Spill Minimization and budget constraints.

We offer a variety LED luminaires suitable for both indoor and outdoor sports facilities, so whether you need to meet specific sports requirements or Australian Standards we can ensure the required standards are met.

Stylish, modern and available in a variety of colour temperatures to perfectly suit your sporting application. Available in a variety of beam angles our quality optical lenses allow us to achieve excellent uniformity whilst protecting against glare and light spill. Utilising genuine Cree/Bridgelux/Epistar LED chips, these lamps provide stunning illumination that enhances the appearance of colour and are perfect for where sporting performance is of paramount importance.

Benefits Delux-Leds Sports Lighting:
  • Huge Savings on Energy Bills & Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Better Lighting – White, Bright and Uniform Illumination Improving Ball Visibility
  • Long Life & Reliability – Large Maintenance Cost Savings
  • Superior Technology
  • Retro-fit Onto Existing Infrastructure
  • Instant On at Full Brightness: LEDs Require No Warm Up Or Cool Down Period
  • LED Directional Beams & Precision Optics Result In Less Light Pollution
  • Adjustable Light Levels With Optional Dimming & PIR Sensors Achieve Further Savings

Huge Cost Savings & Better Sports Lighting

Save Energy & Money!

Traditional (non-LED) lighting for sports grounds are typically 400W, 1KW and 2KW Metal Halide flood lights or projection lamps. These old generation lights have an average lifetime of only 2,000-10,000 hours versus LEDs which can achieve over 80,000 -100,000 hours life. The maintenance costs for such traditional lighting is significant as it involves not only the cost for replacement bulbs but the cost of reaching the lamps which are mounted at great height. The task of simply changing a light globe is a costly measure when you need to hire contractors with expensive specialised lifting equipment to reach the lamp.

The maintenance costs involved with such traditional lamps can be largely eliminated by LED lighting. Depending on how many lamps you are using you can save many thousands of dollars over the life of the luminaire in maintenance alone! Add to this even higher savings in electricity consumption costs (LEDs can
reduce energy consumption by as much as 75%).

Luminaire Selection & Lighting Design

Delux-Leds can provide a variety of LED flood lights or indoor LED lamps to replace traditional 400W, 1kW and 2kW traditional lamps and reduce your electricity consumption costs and maintenance costs to only a fraction of that of traditional lighting.

We provide a complimentary and obligation-free service where we will look at the lights you’re currently using and calculate which LED equivalent would be suitable for you.

We will calculate the payback period, the return on investment and the savings so as to allow you to make the right decision for your sporting organisation. LED lighting technology is so superior to traditional lighting that we are confident we can save you thousands of dollars! In addition to the financial savings we also utilise advanced lighting modelling software to ensure that the lighting solution we provide perfectly matches your specific facility and your specific requirements.

Suitable For All Sports:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Soccer
  • Lawn Bowls
  • Hockey
  • Rugby
  • Netball
  • Athletics
  • Equestrian
  • Reserves
  • Indoor Sports Complexes
  • And many more!

Delux-Leds – All this and Better Lighting!

DL-F-SFL | Sports LED Lighting | Delux-Leds | Outdoor LED Lighting
DL-F-SFL | Sports LED Lighting | Delux-Leds | Outdoor LED Lighting
DL-F-SFL | Sports LED Lighting | Delux-Leds | Outdoor LED Lighting

SPECIFICATIONS – LED Downlights (at 30°C)
Product DL-F-SFL
Input Voltage / Freq 90-295 VAC, 50-60 Hz
Power Efficiency >80%
LED Efficiency >130 / 160 / 190 Lm/W
LED Type Cree / Bridgelux / Epistar
Colour Temperature 2800K – 9000K
CRI 75-85 Ra
Beam Angle 10°,25°,40°,60°,90°
Operating Temperature -40°C to +60°C
Lifetime Up to 80,000 Hours
IP Rating IP66
Transformer Type Meanwell
Dimmable Optional
Certification CE, TUV, RCM, RoHS, ErP, ETL
Test Reports LM79, LM80, IES Files Available